The dichotomy between Brand & Product communication within the financial category

Financial category communication seems to have a prevailing trend where brand communication says one thing while product communication says another.

Generally a conflict between the emotional and the rational. Some of the top Financial Institution Brands tend to make claims around Trust, Service, Growth, Fulfillment, etc. While the same institutions product communication tends to be hard sell – rates, tenures, offers, points, and so on. Not to mention the rampant outbound calls / feet-on-street that are even more aggressive with the push.

More often than not, we have discovered that a decentralized communications department fuels this conflict and its really up to the agency to bridge any gaps. Which also means gaining client confidence and trust across multiple SBU’s. Not an easy task navigating such waters. And it’s equally important for financial institutions to ensure their emotional brand claims are transferrable to at least their core products.